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54 ans plus tard, la propagande communiste cubaine ressort les vieux dossiers

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Starting point of the war against the bandidos in the Revolutionary Cuba


November 2013


Taken from PINAR DEL RIO WEBSITE (click here) 


The capture of the first counterrevolutionary group, formed immediately after the triumph of the revolution, was right on the 22nd of September 1959, in the neighborhood called Lajas, in Consolación del Sur, Pinar del Río.

By the middle of 1959, the North American Austin Young and the English Peter Lambton arrived into this municipality accompanied by the Cuban Fernando Pruna with the idea to create an armed front in Los Organos mountain range, taking advantage of the area topography and the low cultural level of the inhabitants of the zone: farmers, most of them.

The action of a farmer of only 22 years old, who became the first infiltrated in the enemy groups, accelerated their failure. Gervasio Sánchez Robaina, was a member of the “26 of July Movement”, but his charisma as an extroverted farmer, leader of a musical group, and the condition of being a son of a grocer, were good masks to get inserted into an enemy group that was formed with the idea to get rid of the new government.

September 22nd, 1959 was the date chosen to organize the actions. That night Austin Young spoke to the ones present in the meeting at a barn house with the objective to detail everything in the plan. Gervasio sent a note to the commander’s headquarter in Consolación del Sur and so 12 men went to Las Lajas neighborhood. At 8:30 pm they arrived at the place and they arrested the ones implied in the action.

As a consequence of the shooting, the first martyr of the war against the bandidos died. His name was Manuel Cordero and judicial cause number 1 of the revolutionary government started, where the plan promoters were judged. It served as an alert for those youngsters who had been recruited for that nonsense idea because they were deluded.

The action carried out in Lajas started the war against the bandidos, and it made them take for granted that the people was not in the disposition to give back its freedom.




Salon du Livre Clisson / 30 novembre 2013 /

INTERVIEW TV Sèvre et Maine

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Clisson / 30 Novembre 2013


Avec ma sympathique « voisine de salon » , Sophie Dufeu



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